Choose the best payment solutions for your Bussiness


Visa Checkout is a convenient website payment solution for all Visa cardholders. It’s extremely secure and easy to set up.


With its quick and easy checkout for any MasterCard holder, Masterpass offers advanced security, zero fees, and great tech support.


Being the preferred payment method by hundreds of millions, PayPal have become a must-have option for most businesses. Elon Musk surely knew what he was doing.

Bank Transfer (EnterCash)

EnterCash allows European customers to pay directly from their bank accounts in real time. Simple and safe payment solution.

Google Pay

Attractive to many prospective customers as their card info is already saved to their Google accounts. Special deals, digital gift cards, loyalty programs, etc. Oh, and it’s absolutely free.


Neteller provides e-wallet and online payment services for merchants and consumers worldwide. It is primarily targeted towards Forex brokers, traders, and online gambling.

Apple Pay

As there are about 1.4 billion active Apple devices in the world, it’s a default mobile wallet option for, well, an awful lot of people.


This option allows Polish-based customers to make direct money transfers from their bank accounts. Various payment options including eWallet, credit cards, and mobile payments.


This e-commerce player does its best to offer international money transfers with lowest merchant fees. Over 100 payment options, 40 supported currencies including Bitcoin and other cryptos.

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Online Banking

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Everyday life is teeming with payments. You pay bills and you get paid on a daily basis; it’s probably an impossible feat to count up how many transactions you make weekly. And if you own a business or prefer self-employment, the question of payments becomes particularly important.

There are so many payment platforms and methods that one can easily get confused while trying to sort out which option is the best for a certain business. It’s really not that uncommon to be taken aback when you start dragging your brains about:

  • E-banking
  • E-wallets
  • Payment gateways
  • Credit card processing
  • Everything else that deals with the world of finances & money transfers one way or another

This website is made for those who feel like they could use some help in navigation through the ocean of all those payment software platforms, electronic and card payments, eWallets, and so on.

Online payment solutions

Although PayPal still dominates the western market with a staggering 286 million active registered users, there are many more options providing benefits for both entrepreneurs and consumers. E-commerce giants like Amazon Payments, WePay, and 2Checkout are already considered to be incredibly popular and reliable payment gateway solutions for business.

Competition makes the world go round, and the world of free enterprise benefits from the abundance of payment service providers like never before. All you need to do is find and choose what helps your business grow in leaps and bounds.
Mobile payments

In countries like China, you can do without cash almost everywhere. From grocery stores to shady street vendors, you’ll be able to pay for whatever you buy by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone.

Contactless payments are picking up steam all over the world. Mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay have been making a great contribution in the popularization of this type of payments, along with the development of the NFC technology.

Choosing the best payment provider

Payment service providers (PSP) are crucial when it comes to running an e-commerce website. Savvy entrepreneurs would surely expect tons of electronic payments being made, preferably daily. Still, money transfers imply using a certain card & e-Wallet processing system.
You have probably heard about such PSPs as PayPal, Skrill, or PayMill.

These and many other e-commerce players offer competitive advantages and unique features for businesses. Still, they are all third-party tools and some of them may be much more convenient and useful for your online store.

We are going to provide you with important information about payment software platforms and providers so that you choose the best option for your business growth!

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